Save Me



Written by:

Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary Hanson

Produced by:

Stephen Lironi and Hanson; vocals produced by Mark Hudson and Hanson

Lead Singer:



© 2000

Versions and Availability:

Album version -- This Time Around

Additional notes:

Third single from This Time Around in some countries, but no CD singles have been known to be released and it got little or no airplay.


Lovin' you, like I never have before
I needed you just to open up the door
If begging you
Might somehow turn the tides
Then tell me to
I've gotta get this off my mind

I never though I'd be speakin' these words
I never thought I'd need to say
Another day lonely is more that I can take

Won't you save me, a save is what I need
I just wanna be by your side
Won't you save me; I don't want to be
Just drifting through the sea of life

I want to. . .
Listen please, baby dont walk out that door
I'm on my knees, you're all I'm living for
I never thought I'd be speakin' these words
Heaven thought I'd find a way
Another day lonely is more than I can take

Suddenly the sky is falling
Could it be too late for me?
Well if I never said I'm sorry
Then I'm wrong, yes I'm wrong
Then I hear my spirit calling
Wondering if you're longing for me
And then I know, that I can't live without her


( x3)
Won't you save me. . .