Runaway Run



Written by:

Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary Hanson

Produced by:

Stephen Lironi and Hanson; vocals produced by Mark Hudson and Hanson

Lead Singer:



© 2000

Versions and Availability:

  • Album version -- This Time Around
  • Recorded live for At the Fillmore
  • Also recorded live for Underneath Acoustic Live

Additional notes:

A demo version of this song leaked onto the internet prior to the release of This Time Around.


And I waited for you. . .
And I waited for you. . .

Just a picture and a feeling in the face
How could I forget your touch, your warm embrace
And the shoes you wore with long black satin lace
As you walked into my mind

As you walked into this old forgotten hall
Just one look and I began to fall
Wish I could frame you and this feeling on the wall
And stare at it 'til there is no time
Ohh. . .

And I waited for you
Just hoping that you'd come back to me
And I waited for you. . .

Run, run, runaway run
Maybe someday I will find someone to
Run, run, runaway
Maybe someday, maybe someday

From a distance I watched the flowers brush your cheek
As you read the words I wrote, I couldn't speak
But now I lay here, broken heart and blistered feet
As you're spinning 'round my mind

And I waited for you
Just dreaming of you coming to me
And I waited for you. . .


Yeah, maybe someday
When you weep you can know that it's alright
As I sleep, I can follow you all night
We can talk just as long as you hold on tight
Just one breath is a million sighs
I can tell every breath that you're breathing
I can feel every thought that you're thinking
We can talk 'til a thousand years gone by, you and I. . .


Run, run, runaway run
Maybe someday I'll find some way
Maybe someday. . .
Maybe someday. . .
I'll run away