My Favorite Shoes



Written by:

Carrick Moore Gerety, B. Killgor, Isaac Hanson

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Additional notes:

Written at Fools' Banquet 2007


Turn around and face the screen
The credits for projector gleams
There you are as a kid
Aping what your brother did
One summer holiday
Squinting in the ocean spray
There you are with a young man
Just like when the film began
I keep walking in my favorite shoes

What is it that makes a man
His father's name, his mother's hands
I push for life, I cry for breather, but even now thereís so much left
I know myself better than I did back then
Ask me how, I ask you when
I canít forget the words you said
But close your eyes, just look ahead
But I keep walking in my favorite shoes

My shoes are dirty, but my soul is clean
I found it out when I was seventeen
I canít forget what my mama said
Itís all in your heart, itís not in your head
Least hereís how