Written by:

Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary Hanson, Mark Hudson

Produced by:

Stephen Lironi

Lead Singer:



© 1997

Versions and Availability:

  • Album version -- Middle of Nowhere
  • Recorded live for Middle of Nowhere Acoustic

Additional notes:

The name Lucy comes from the Peanuts character. Said Mark Hudson, "There's a signed lithograph of the Schroeder and Lucy characters from the Peanuts cartoon strip in my studio. I was looking at it when the boys were there and suddenly pictured Zac's face instead of Schroeder's. I wanted to write a song for Zac -- and that's how it came about. I helped them with the lyrics, but they kept it all in their perspective." (From Hanson: MMMBop to the Top by Jill Matthews)


The day that I left Lucy
A tear fell from her eye
Now I don't have nobody, and I was such a fool
On the day that I left Lucy
The day that I left Lucy she cried, then said goodbye
Now it's done, and it's over, and I am all alone
On the day that I left Lucy
Now I don't have anymore songs to sing
'Cause you were everything, everything to me
I didn't realize I felt this way, until that day
Today I'm missing Lucy, and you say that she's okay, I hope she is
Now I don't have nobody and no one will ever replace. . .
My Lucy
I love Lucy, Lucy. . .
On the day that I left Lucy. . . my Lucy