Written by:

Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary Hanson

Produced by:

Lead Singer:



© 1994

Versions and Availability:

Album version -- Boomerang, the enhanced MOE CD

Additional notes:


There's something special about you babe, maybe it's your smile
But when I see you, you peel the dial

Bing, bang, it hit me like a boomerang
Light turns green and blood starts flowing
Bing, Bang, it hit me like a boomerang
Light turns red and my heart starts pumping

Maybe somehow in my make believe world
Maybe somehow you will be my girl
And now I understand that there are other guys
But when I see you my blood pressure starts to rise
(repeat chorus x2)

Bing bang ba da ba ba da bang
(repeat x4)

I've seen girls of all shapes and sizes, but baby since I met you
You're the only one for me