Release date:

May 17, 1996

Release type:



CD, cassette



Track list:

01. Day Has Come
02. I'll Be Thinking of You
03. Two Tears
04. Stories
05. River
06. Surely As the Sun
07. Something New
08. MMMBop
09. Soldier
10. Pictures
11. Incredible
12. With You In Your Dreams
13. Sometimes
14. Baby You're so Fine
15. MMMBop (Long Version)

Additional notes:

Second independent CD, recorded in the Louis Drapp garage studio in Tulsa in late 1995, released in 1996. Contains 15 original songs (most of which were re-released on 1998's 3 Car Garage), and includes the original versions of "Thinking of You," "MMMBop," and "With You In Your Dreams."